Exceptionally Illuminate Your Home With These Lighting Tips

How you light a room will greatly affect the appearance and functionality of a space. Having several light sources on a dimmer will make it very easy to change up the brightness as long as you want.

Getting Your Own Layers Of Lighting

Combine floor and table lighting – Lamps are an opportunity to add something extra to a space. Every lamp style has its own interesting beauty that can add to the overall design.

Obtain the right scale – Overhead lighting will greatly add an exceptional touch when it is done right. When going for an overhead fixture, you must consider its size and purpose. This item will actually add a very distinct focal point without being the only lighting source. A floor lamp next to the sofa will function as a warm complement and it will keep the lighting levels soft.

Sparingly use canned lights – Most designers say that canned lighting must never be your only source of light. Your home might look like a gaming arcade or perhaps a landing strip when your ceiling is filled with canned lights. Consider using just a sprinkling of canned light in order to accent a beam and stylishly illuminate the space with floor lamps.

Mix and match colors – When it comes to lighting and lamps, there are no hard rules. Though there are suggestions, it will still depend on what will work best for your lifestyle and personal preference. With a couple of mismatched items, the space might feel more layered and interesting. What will work best here is a tall floor lamp in a different color apart from the bright blue bedside lamps on both sides of the bed. The room will certainly look brighter but not overwhelmingly bright.

Be aware of how to properly choose a table lamp – Tall table lamps may give a room a bit of elegance. Consider getting a shade that will allow for the bulb to be covered.

Know what kind of light you want – Arcing floor lamps are excellent options as they are beautiful and dramatic. Also, they offer warm and diffused light as well as add an immediate touch of modern. Expert decorators say that they are best positioned in a corner. It becomes more stylish when you pair arcing lamps with a smaller floor lamp.

Combine various lighting styles – A table lamp, floor lamp and overhead lighting will work together seamlessly. When it comes to choosing any element for your space, consider looking at the room as a whole. You have to consider the ways in which you want to light your space, not whether the lamps match or not, then buy accordingly.

Why Arcades Are Not Just for Kids

Thinking of arcades can bring back fond memories for many of us. If you were around for the 80s, the word might bring back pixelated and knobby video games, or maybe a giant grey rat (or is it a mouse?) named Chuck for 90s kids. No matter what generation you’re from, chances are your inner kid is dying to get your hands on some form of nostalgic entertainment. You’re in luck! Arcades are making a comeback. Here’s why you shouldn’t feel embarrassed visiting one when they pop up in your neck of the woods.

You Won’t Be the Only Adult

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Why do we resist the urge to jump into giant ball pits in the fun areas of fast food restaurants? Because we’re afraid of scrutiny from our fellow adults of course! The joy of an arcade is its ability to bring everyone together. You can challenge your adult friend to a friendly game of foosball or teach your own children how to play. You’ll be able to explain to any youngsters in the area just who Q*bert is by trying to attain your previous score from your childhood arcade. Let’s face it – who can resist the pull of Galaga?

8-Bit is In

You fondly remember the tiny pixels that came together to create the most wonderful shapes – cherries, ghosts, spaceships, trees, fighters, animals, racecars. Today’s video games have incredible high definition, so much so that you sometimes can’t distinguish the detailed background from the characters you’re supposed to play as or the enemies you’re supposed to fight. Some classic games and systems are starting to be revived, so kids today are able to have an idea of the joys that video games used to be. Peruse a handmade crafts website and you’ll find 8-bit jewellery, wall art, and clothing. It’s very likely that the hipsters will be out in full force at an arcade.

It Would Make For an Interesting Date Night

If you’re looking for somewhere different to go with your significant other, arcades are just what you need. Why spend the night staring at a TV screen or a projector eating $20-a-bag popcorn when you can spend your time competing against each other? Seeing who can beat the other’s high score in pinball or who can complete the Pacman tables faster, an arcade can bring flashy excitement to the night. Even foosball can bring coupes closer – or place a wedge in between them, if anyone’s a sore loser. Competitiveness brings out passion, so why wouldn’t you want to go with that special someone?

Arcades aren’t just for kids or delinquents looking for a place to hang out. They’re a place for people to get together and enjoy life. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching your family member’s face fall as you beat their high score.